Rehabilitation program for ex-convicts

The rehabilitation program for ex-convicts is designed to:

• socialize people who have encountered difficulties in finding work and restoring contacts after release;

• assist in the implementation and protection of their rights and interests;

• promote tolerant, respectful and non-discriminatory attitudes in society towards former convicts.

Each person who has returned from prison has already served their sentence and has the right to regain respect for themself.

Ex-convicts can turn to us for psychological help and get advice from a social worker and a lawyer as well as sign up for courses to learn basic computer skills, use a computer and Internet access.

In our work, special attention will be paid to victims of torture. People who have been tortured can count on comprehensive rehabilitation, which includes social, legal, medical and psychological assistance.

Help can be requested on weekdays from 10.00 to 18.00 at the address Minsk, Leninhradskaja, 1A, room 3 (entrance to the left of Shooting range Sniper).

Phone numbers: +375 17 366 84 30, +375 29 102 21 21