Books for children and teenagers

In 2020, in partnership with the Koska publishing house, books of the French publishing house Talentshauts for children and parents are being prepared for publication: “Declaration of the Rights of Boys / Declaration of the Rights of Girls”, “Declaration of the Rights of Moms / Declaration of the Rights of Dads” (“La déclaration des droits des” garçons / La déclaration des droits des filles ”,“ La déclaration des droits des mamans / la declaration des droits des papas ”).

These are books with vivid illustrations and humorous intonations which cover such important topics as raising children and distribution of duties in the family, the choice of the profession and life strategy of girls and boys, the attitude of society towards equality in the rights and duties of men and women and the importance of listening to one’s inner self. Books will be published in Belarusian.

We accept donations to publish and distribute books to children’s libraries in Belarus. All sponsors will receive a book as a gift.